Eva is the buff, scary girl of the camp. She has a short temper and threatens to kill anyone who bothers her. She lifts weights and wears boyish clothes, needless to say, she's the most masculine of all the girls. However, even though she resembles a guy, she also has girlish aspects, such as blushing whenever she sees Justin, the hot guy of the camp, and apologizing with a nervous face when she does something wrong. But most of the time she is seen as one of the guys, literally, since she doesn't even shave her armpits. She is also the most athletic on her team, so she is the one that helps them win most of the time.

Eva was voted off when Heather stole Eva's iPod and hid it from her so Eva would think someone on her team stole it and yell at them. This worked, and Eva ended up throwing everything out of her team's cabin in attempt to find it. When the damage was done, Heather approached her and told her that she "found" her iPod and has been looking for her so she could give it back to her. Eva smiles and thanks her, then looks at her team and smiled sheepishly, apologizing for the misunderstanding, but in order to keep this from happening again, Eva was voted off that night.

Eva returned later in the season by "popular audience demand" and only seeked revenge from her team for voting her off. However, since Bridgette was the only one from her former team left, Eva took out all her rage on her. In the end, everyone voted Eva off since she was so scary.

Eva did not return for the second season.


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