Lindsay was the Dumb Hottie of Total Drama. Lindsay was very pretty, she was the same amount of dumb. She arrived on the island forgetting who Chris was. Later for a very short moment Lindsay was seen next to Duncan with his arm around her. She later asked where she could plug in her straightning iron to her getting confused. Gwen called Lindsay an idiot upsetting her. Lindsay was later standing on one foot screaming for someone to kill a cockroach in the girl's cabin. Duncan chopped it in half and Tyler said he could do that too to Lindsay starting their relationship. In "Not So Happy Campers- Part 2", Lindsay thought it was going to be a talent contest and screamed while falling like almost everyone else. Later Owen hugged her and Heather to which Lindsay smiled. Later Heather formed an alliance with Lindsay and Beth. Lindsay fell asleep later on in the game. In "Dodgebrawl", Lindsay kept getting hit in the face with dodgeballs. Tyler and Lindsay were caught flirting under the dock by Heather. Lindsay sat out the rest of dodgeball game by Heather's command.


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