The Campers

Twenty-Two campers arrive at Camp Wawanakwa where they learn they will be spending 8 weeks at the crummy old summer camp. The campers are split into 2 teams: the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The Screaming Gophers are Noah, Justin, Katie, Cody, Beth, Trent, Lindsay, LeShawna, Heather, Owen and Gwen. The Killer Bass are Ezekiel, Eva, Tyler, Izzy, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff and Duncan. The campers go to see where they will be living, and they go to eat and meet Chef. Then, the campers go into part 1 of their first challenge: jumping off a high cliff into shark-infested waters in the hopes of making it into the safe zone.

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